Can You Sue With Agreement

-December 4, 2020-

Can You Sue With Agreement

Mike Burroughs

I would sue Walmart because it had a wet floor with wet flooring and I would be happy to sue walmart and get 700, and they have to pay in cash. Thanks for your time and I`ll get out of your hair and have a perfect day ok. I hope you have this message thank you for your time My friend made a bank transfer (1500 USD) to me in October 2019. It was between banks of different networks, so the way it works is that I had to enter my bank account number to get the money, and it takes 3-5 business days for the transaction to be completed. Apparently I moved away from a number when I entered my account number (there is no way for me to check it out personally) and the money went to another person. I contacted my friend and she contacted her bank (the sender bank) about the situation within a week of the transaction, and they jumped us for months and told us we would see what we could do to get it back. Finally, about two weeks ago, they said they could not get the money back, and they hold me responsible, because I entered the wrong account number. As a financial institution, is it not their responsibility to ensure safe transmission in such cases of human error (particularly if it has been reported within a reasonable time)? Can I sue the bank in court? How do I do that? Answer: People ask me a lot: "Can I be prosecuted?" I don`t need to know the underlying dispute to say yes, you can still be sued. There is no need for someone to prove that they have a legitimate right before taking legal action. It wouldn`t make sense, would it? There are some barriers to filing a complaint, but they have nothing to do with merits. These are sorted after submission. And the Small Claims Court is specifically designed to remove these barriers even more than usual. So yes, your ex can file a case.

Heck, I could sue you for that $800. Good morning, Joshua. What a difficult situation you can be with a friend in! It looks like you have a misunderstanding or miscommunication about whether the vehicle was returned to you or not. It would certainly save you time and money if you are able to work with your friend. But of course, sometimes this is not possible and, as a last resort, a legal right must be used. If the deposit is not workable in a court where the accused lives, you can try to seize PayPal and make a claim to the company. It offers certain safeguards and could contribute, depending on the circumstances and its guidelines, to reverse the levy. As I understand your comment, it looks like you`re suing someone for breach of contract. You need a lawyer. You can start with our online directory to find a lawyer near you. If you are still in trouble, call your local law organization and ask for the Attorney Referral number.

You will be able to explain your problem and they will refer you to a lawyer. Keep in mind that preliminary consultations are generally free, so you should be able to determine if the lawyer is appropriate for your case without charge. Thank you all for your comments. I have another very urgent question, manufacturer wants to recover their product, but my eye is still swollen. The doctor is waiting for the results. I should give it back to them. DHL will be outside my door tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to pick up his product. Bug, if I gave it back, can they change what was sent to me and saying that if not their product that causes the allergic reaction? Or I should keep it if I need proof.

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