Bru Community Agreement

-December 4, 2020-

Bru Community Agreement

Mike Burroughs

Under the agreement, the Brus families who, after 30 November 2019, will continue to live in six aid camps in Tripura, will be permanently settled in the state and those who have already returned to Mizoram should not be allowed to return to Tripura. The Government of Tripura will make the country available in accordance with this agreement. But some critics and the furious voices of the Bru claim that what happened in 1997, when the Community fled Mizoram, was nothing more than "ethnic cleansing" and a "deliberate move to drive out the tribesmen", and this week`s agreement had only normalized that. "Attempts to bring back the Bru community have failed several times, so this may be the best thing to do. If the Bru don`t want to go back to Mizoram, we can`t force them. We have always welcomed the Bru to Mizoram, but if they want to stay in Tripura, we are happy for them," he said. Today, Bru-Reangs can settle in the state of Tripura, with the government of India, the two state governments and Bru-Reangs representatives signed on January 17, 2020. They will receive all facilities from central and regional government plans like other people in Tripura. 23 years after ethnic clashes in Mizoram forced 37,000 people from the commune of Bru (or Reang) to flee their homes to the neighbouring tripura, an agreement allowing them to remain permanently in the latter state was signed. Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) also thanked the Centre, the governments of Mizoram and Tripura and various NGOs for their efforts to sign the Brussels agreement. In a historic and pioneering event, an agreement was signed on 16 January 2020 in New Delhi between the Indian government, the government of Tripura and mizoram and the Community of Bru to end the 23-year-old refugee crisis.

"This day came after so many discussions. We told the government to let the Bru be in Tripura because they feel safe here," Barman said, adding that the tribal community was still part of the state and not mizorame. Given that the problems of internally displaced persons in Tripura end with the signing of the four-party agreement between the governments of Tripura and Mizoram, the leaders of various Bru and Centre organizations, in the presence of the Union`s Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, several political parties and civil society organizations reacted to the permanent settlement of the tribal community in the state. While expressing its joy at the agreement, the State Congress said it had constantly sought to recapture the displaced heather of Tripura under his rule. The agreement aims to provide a sustainable settlement for the brus in Tripura. "This accusation of ethnic cleansing of Mizos to drive out the people of Bru is very old and unfounded. The Community of Bru has abandoned itself. It`s self-induced migration, no one has driven it away," he said. This agreement will provide a lasting solution for the rehabilitation of thousands of citizens from Bru Reang to Tripura. The government believes that this agreement will give them a bright future. The people of Bru-Reang will benefit from all the social systems of governments. After the signing of a four-party agreement with Bru tribes, several political parties and civil society groups in Mizoram hailed the center, the governments of Mizorm and Tripura for the historic agreement that would end more than two decades of Imbroglio.

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