How To Find Agreements On Edgar

-November 30, 2020-

How To Find Agreements On Edgar

Mike Burroughs

You can find additional sources of forms by browsing Lexis Advance by category and then by form. How to access the EDGAR search: Enter edgar in the search bar. Select EDGAR Filings - Disclosures. (Note that you can also go to EDGAR Precedent Agreements - Clause Search.) How to access the EDGAR search: Enter edgar in the search bar. Select SEC EDGAR Filings, combined. WestlawNext allows you to at least browse "Sample Agreements" or any of a dozen subgroups that have all been put to death by EDGAR. But research "example agreements" are not only about obtaining contracts, but also about organizational documents and financial information. And contracts for other exhibitions, not just pieces 10, are included. The research therefore contains irrelevant results and cannot be reliably used to compare the relative popularity of different uses. And it`s harder than before to find certain types of contracts.

Mutual Funds and ETFs Mutual Funds and ETFs make some of the same or similar statements about EDGAR that state-owned enterprises make. They also go some different forms, with some submitted only by money funds. Please note that funds may have similar names. To make sure you`re looking at the right background, check the ticker icon on the search page. In addition to these submissions on EDGAR, you can usually receive them from the Fund`s website or your financial expert. This manual describes where you can find certain types of information in current requests from state-owned enterprises, investment funds and ETFs. This list of forms contains a more complete list of forms submitted on EDGAR. Sourcers can use different methods to find documents. On Filings - Forms, there is a link to EDGAR Search Tools that accesses a page with descriptions and links to different options.

A description of the tips for using some of the most common search methods follows. Variable annuities make some of the same or similar claims on EDGAR, investment funds and ETFs do. For best results, look for the marketing name of the variable annuity contract. Please note that insurance companies and their policies may have similar names. To make sure you consider the right variable annuity, check the name of the contract and the name of the insurance company. In addition to searching for these quotes on EDGAR, you can usually receive them from the insurance company`s website or your financial professional. In the past, it was very easy to use Lexis to browse the 10-entries exhibitions, as Lexis had a separate library for 10 entries. And I could use an "Allcaps" search to find certain types of contracts, because this type of search would record the contract titles. A long-standing anchor of our research platform is our series of SEC Disclosure research sites by state-owned companies.

Use our SEC filing page for a high-performance file and enterprise-level search. Use our special investigative pages to drill even deeper, to quickly find valuable needles in the haystack of SEC EDGAR files. Edgar allows you to search for a full text. This feature allows users to browse the entire text of all SEC submissions from the past four years. The conceptual search engine for this feature includes the ability to find the main storage document, attachments and exhibits. Exhibits are often required in submissions and may contain essential agreements, organizational documents such as company statutes, annual accounts and presentations. The "/A" entries in the form type code indicate a change. For example, the type of Form "10-K/A" would indicate an amendment to Form 10-K. Provisional procuration s. for a merger or acquisition - An interim power of attorney that is still subject to review by SEC employees and is filed as part of a merger or acquisition.

These sources include standard forms and contracts on a wide range of topics. Many of these sources are also available

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